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Action TU1408

Air Transport and Regional Development (ATARD)

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COST Meetings


COST Action TU1408 will have an average of two regular meeting a year where Management Committee (MC) members gather to work on both the management of the Action and on the working groups.

The main conclusions and decisions of the MC meetings can be found at their menu entries for the meetings in Brussels, Amsterdam, and London. Future meetings will be announced here.

These meetings usually have a parallel workshop dedicated to a specific theme. You can find the presentations and conclusions of the workshops at the Workshop menu entry.

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Current COST Meetings are published here. 


We are planning new Meetings in 2018/2019

  • Workshop in Athen/Greece on the 6th and the 7th of November, 2018 

  • Workshop in Las Palmas/Spain will take place on the 18th and 19th of March, 2019. 

> Archives 

2014 Kick-off meeting – Brussels

The first meeting of the Action took place in Brussels in the headquarters of the COST Association, on March 2014.


2015 Second Meeting – Amsterdam

The second meeting took place in Amsterdam, in June 2015.

2015 Third Meeting – London and Cranfield

The third meeting took place in London and Cranfield, United Kingdom, on November 2015.

2016 Fourth Meeting – S. Miguel, Azores

The meeting will have a Management Committee meeting preceded by a GARS workshop on the topic “Current Issues in Air Transport Economics and Policy”, on March 2016.


2017 ATARD Winter School 2017 Bergamo

Location: Cloister of Saint Augustine, Piazzale Sant'Agostino, University of Bergamo