Action TU1408

Air Transport and Regional Development (ATARD)



To obtain more information about the project please contact the Action’s Chair of Vice-Chair

Chair: Prof Hans-Martin Niemeier

Vice-Chair: Prof Ofelia Betancor


Task 1 (WG 1) – “Methodological Approaches”: Nicole Adler, Aisling J. Reynolds-Feighan

Task 2 (WG 2) – “Selection of Case Studies”:  Antonio Antunes,  Anna Tomova

Task 3 (WG 3) – “Case Studies on Core Regions” Gianmaria Martini, Radosav Jovanovic

Task 4 (WG 4) – “Case Studies on Remote Regions” Vlodomyr Bilotkach,  Andreas Papatheodorou

Task 5 (WG 5) – “Handbook Preparation” Anne Graham, Andreas Wittmer


  • Website Managers: Robert Czaplinski

  • Editorial Committee (includes WG 5 Coordinator): Pilar Socorro (, Frank Fichert (

  • Teaching Committee (organizes Summer Schools) Franziska Kupfer (, Bruno Santos (

  • Young Researcher Network (YRN), Ofelia Betancor (

  • Stakeholders Network (SN) Prof. António Menezes (antonio, Dr Jon Inge Lian (


The Action’s Scientific Officer is Dr Mickael Pero, full contact available here.

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